left-quote dark grey The growth of your business is commensurate with the growth of your mental literacy, if you cease learning, your mental cease growing left-quote dark grey right

– Gigih Wilujo, Grand Master Coach & Business owner

Who We Are

Wise Coaches is a global coaching & consulting firm that serves corporates, governments, professionals, and business owners, in the areas of business coaching, executive and leadership coaching, as well as facilitating trainings and public seminars on mental literacy, business, management & leadership capability.

Since our inception, we have help many companies, professionals, and business owners to achieve their life & business goals, multiplying their profit achievement & building their winning TEAM, through our coaching & training facilitation. We, as well assist on coaching & training “Golden Age Generation” (professionals, those are finished with their careers) and want to raise their quality of life & even enter the new world of entrepreneur.

Our divine purpose is to build aspiration & igniting dreams, motivate, inspire, and articulate your personal achievement & your business achievement.

What We Do

The main & most important factor for your success as a person in your life and in your business, as well as in your leadership capability is your wise brain, a combination of mind & heart. Every human being is naturally born with an unlimited potential brain, but not every one of them knows how to use & empower their brains. Do you know that your brain is smarter than you think, and when you get older, your brain gets smarter, if you wish to? (Tony Buzan, Inventor of Mindmaps)

Wise coaches is founded to help you open the secret of your mental universe through our mental & business literacy learning, we call this brain & business learning. We will coach & train you to become a man of wisdom in your true-self and in your business, combined with our wise leadership development program & world-class business expertise & tools with our proven methodology, through our special business & executive coaching and mentoring process. This program of coaching & training is our signature & unique value proposition program.

Our philosophy is to focus on you, our loyal & beloved customers, solving your problems, and building you and your people to become the winning TEAM in this world fast changing innovative & learning organization. We focus on delivering to our customers, practical and real results, and empowering their business to grow and profit rapidly. We work together to put recommendations into practice. We continually stay abreast and find better ways to anticipate your future problems.

Why Choose Us

Your Benefits

World Tested & Proven Methodology

Holistic & End to End Business Solution Coaching

Powerful combination in mental (mind, heart, & emotional) literacy, spiritual literacy, and business literacy

Auto-Pilot Business

Life-time Networking

Experienced & Expert Coaches

Predominantly Master Coaches with combined experience more than 100 years

VIP Access

Engagement with our Coaches personally, anytime, anywhere

Real Result

Excellence on TOP (Team, Operation, Performance):

    1. Winning Team
    2. Effective & Efficient Operation
    3. Profitable Performance

As our motto is What’s next?

We will always challenge you & your business to the next level

Funding & IPO Opportunity


We coach & train each of our clients uniquely


We treat each of our clients in confidential manner

Satisfaction Guarantee

What You Get

What you, your team, & your business get from Wise Coaches

We are holistically & totally helping you, your team, and your business to grow to the next level excellently, operate efficiently & effectively, and your business can profit remarkably.



Igniting dreams of you

As your coach & mentor, my duty is to dig deeply into your hidden & sleeping aspirations (potentials) and helping you to wake them up. Those are your powerful dreams. Many people in the world “think” that they can’t do this & they can’t do that. They are in the “can’t do situation”. They are not aware, that every human being has been given certain talents by our gracious God, including you. So in order to be successful in your life, in your career, as well as in your business, you ought to have your own purpose, that will be your destiny, and this will answer the question, why I am here. Did you know that?


Setting the fire within you

Sometimes in the certain moment, your feeling has been taken down by certain conditions that you never ever anticipate previously. Whether it is in your everyday’s life, in your office’s environment, or in your business as a business owner. Your flame of spirit inside you puts off. In this situation, surely you need someone else to rekindle, so your flame of spirit gets back and continue to light up.


Making you taking steps (taking actions)

When your aspirations emerge, they will need flame of spirit to continue, they need flame to burn that passion. Motivation is about setting or resetting the fire within you. In order for you to move on and taking the first step and the next steps subsequently, you will require strong inspiration. It is like a locomotive of train that slowly moves in the very beginning. It’s our biggest intention, as your coach & mentor to inspire you and subsequently coach, mentor & guide you, how to reach your success in your life and in your business that can grow and make profit as big as our clients want instantaneously.


World prosperity


Helping people to make the world a better place to live and build lives by providing them with education, wisdom, and coaching in leadership & business.

Core Values


honest, truthful, respectful, accountable


intelligent, disciplined, experienced, teamwork


venturesome, adaptable, innovation, perseverance









– Albert Einstein

Our Motto : What’s next?

We are character & business building specialist.
We help transform people & their businesses to the next level.


We are ready to help you & your business transform to the next level


Gigih Wilujo

CEO & Founder

Gigih Wilujo is the CEO & founder of mental & business literacy coaching institution “Wise Coaches”, a coaching, mentoring, training & consultancy firm that specializes in mental & business literacy, brain & business learning. As a Grand Master Coach, he specializes in the fields of developing human brain potential, mental literacy, leadership, and business.

Gigih has coached & facilitated training programmes for organizations & corporations including: bank, school, university, property company, hospital, insurance company, trading company, manufacturing company, food & beverage company, pharmaceutical company; among many others.

Having involved with Multi-National Companies more than 20 years, in roles ranging from engineer to CEO, Gigih has a huge trove of experience in diverse areas of business. Companies, Gigih has involved with, comprising of: SHARP, SCHLUMBERGER, BICC BERCA, & YOFC. Gigih has working experience in many foreign countries, such as France, Italy, Spain, Austria, Germany, Australia, & China. He is proficient in English & moderate in spoken French & Mandarin. 

Gigih has practiced more than 20,000 hours in the world of coaching, mentoring, training and consultancy. In coaching clients and facilitating seminars, he has motivated and inspired hundreds of business owners and entrepreneurs to reach their life and business goals. He has done trainings in mental literacy, communication skills, personal mastery, creativity & innovation, teambuilding, sales & marketing, financial, business process, management, public speaking, customer service, and powerful leadership. These workshops typically entail an influential clientele of decision makers such as: educators, staffs, managers, GMs, VPs, CEOs, & business owners.

Gigih is a passionate & authentic Coach & Presenter. He believes that unless one has been coached, it is hard to reach one’s peak potential. In his training & facilitation; stories, videos, humours, examples, & role plays, are used to create a lively ambiance. Resultantly, the workshop experience becomes entertaining and mesmerizing, thus conducive for the learning and easily mentally digested by the participants. 

He possesses a degree in Telecommunication Engineering & a Master of Business Administration degree in Finance & Marketing. He also owns a Certified Professional Business Coach from USA. He is a Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, who learned from Richard Bandler, the father of NLP. In addition, Gigih is also a Mental Literacy expert who learned directly from Tony Buzan, the “Mind Map” inventor. Last but not least, Gigih is a DISC personality profile behavioural analyst.

Aldo Rusli

Aldo Rusli

COO & Co-founder

Aldo Rusli is COO & co-founder of “Wise coaches” Mental & Business Literacy Coaching Institution. He has been in the world of entrepreneur for more than 25 years, his businesses are covering from medical equipment, property developer, warship refurbishment, & telecommunication infrastructure, as well as event organizer.

Having experienced in many aspect of businesses, he believes in continuous learning to stay alive & kicking. He still has his own firing passion to share what he owns to even more people in the world, especially in Indonesia. That’s why he committed to join this “Wise coaches” institution to wisely contribute. Aldo holds a bachelor degree in electronic engineering.

Harry Purnama

Harry Purnama

Harry purnama is a master trainer, coach, & consultant for more than 15 years in the area of human resources, leadership & wellness for Leadership Development Program (LDP).

His signature program is Work & Life Balance (WLB). It is a universal oasis for self-applied spiritual management (wellness) to balance between work & life, reducing stress and accomplishing better. It is not intended as a motivation program nor out-bond program but the activities will be exercised in both indoor & outdoor environment.  It is usually done with mature & complex companies, those have been in long existing business’ operation in the market to upgrade & advance employee’s quality of life.

Indra Dewanto

Indra Dewanto

Indra has expertise in leadership issue, personal development and organizational change. He had facilitated and conduct program to many organization and various industries such as manufacturer, automotive, multi finance, insurance, health and education. Indra enjoys facilitating and has passion in developing others. That’s why he spent more than 10 years in training and people development.

Before becoming a professional trainer and leadership coach, he worked at PT. Summit Auto Group for about 6 years, with last position as Deputy of Learning Centre Head, and at PT. Astra Honda Motor for about 4 years as People Development Analyst.
He Holds master degree in HR & Marketing Management from PPM Graduate School Management, Jakarta, and complete bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering from ITS, Surabaya.

He as well holds International Certifications:  Art and Science of Coaching, Erickson Coaching International, Canada, accredited by International Coach Federation, Licensed Master NLP Practitioner, The Society of NLP, USA, Certified Behavioral Analysis, QQ International, Singapore, and Licensed Internal Facilitator of “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, FranklinCovey Leadership Centre, USA.

Ady Subagya

Ady Subagya

Ady Subagya is a master coach & trainer, expert in systems specialist. Ady helps companies to implement business process reengineering (BPR), developing methodologies to carry out process efficiently and effectively.
He facilitates people to make companies’ manuals, working procedures and also work profiles, specialising on Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).
He is also an ISO 9000 specialist, helping the companies to implement ISO standards in their companies.

Professional Working Experience: 2 years in Mercedes Benz as Instructor, 4 years in Siemens Lighting as Training Manager, and 11 years in training and consulting firm.

Professional qualification:
Facilitator for ISO 9000, 14000, ISO 28000
ISO 31000, OHSAS 18001 Visual Office Management (5S)
Safety Coach on Behavioural Safety
Communication Specialist

Singgih Santoso

Singgih Santoso

Dr. Singgih Santoso, MM started his career since 1991, beside being a dean & lecturer in business faculty, UKDW, Jogyakarta, he is as well a facilitator & trainer in the field of Human Capital Development & Management, such as : Leadership, Empowering Retiree Program, Service Excellence, Communication Skills, Marketing & Sales Management, Marketing Research with SPSS.

His experience over the years does not make him stop learning and having a spirit that always want to share to a lot of people. That is why, he commits to join in “Wise Coaches” institution.

Imung Hikmah

Imung Hikmah

Imung Hikmah is a master coach & trainer, consultant and public speaker with combined years of career experience in the field of corporate & business communication, performance management, and people skill development.

She provides training, coaching, and consulting for corporates and organizations on change management, presentation skill, communication skill, interpersonal, innovative thinking, performance management, and critical people skills

Professional qualifications, comprising of: Advanced Communicator & Leader from Toastmasters International, Administrator/Assessor of Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Certified trainer for 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, NLP Certified Practitioner, Trainer for Safety Behaviour, and Certified trainer from International Accredited Training Professional Program.